I first made these coasters as a gift for my brother's 30th birthday.  With him 3000 miles away, we don't often get the chance to watch games together, but football has always been a strong bond between us.  He being a Manchester United fan, theirs was the first set that I made, and as I researched the club's history I was fascinated by the intricacies and storylines.

With such a distinguished histories for each club, I wanted to create something lasting that could also be enjoyed regularly.  You will receive a set of 4 coasters accompanied by game reports of the historic matches.  Each coaster tells a story, one that you can share with your guests or relive as you're waiting for a match to begin.

Laser-Etched Slate Coasters
Each of the four coaster is made from slate and the design is laser-etched into the surface.  As plays develop over time, there was some need for choosing where was the best place to place a player during the course of play.

- Engraved with lasers so that the designs will neither fade nor wipe off
- 10cm (4in) per side
- Felt bottoms that will slide smoothly on a table without scratching

Shipping Time
Orders ship from USA within 3-5 business days allowing for production.
International orders can take 5-10 business days to ship out.

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