Cavaliers 2016 Poster: The Comeback Championship (16x20)


Relive one of the greatest moments in Cleveland basketball history! This premium 16in x 20in matte poster details this historic play:

NBA Finals: Game 7
The Comeback Championship
Cleveland vs Golden State
93 - 89
June 19, 2016
Oracle Arena
Only the true fans had faith after Game 4 of the 2016 Finals that Lebron and team could comeback for the championship. No other team in the history of the NBA had ever won the title after going down 3 - 1. But Cleveland did and made history. Game 7 was contested to the very end. With 4 minutes to play and the score tied at 89 - 89 both teams were playing furious defense and neither team seemed able to break the deadlock. Cue Kyrie Irving with only :53 remaining. Irving took on Klay Thompson and then Steph Curry on the dribble, pulling up and shooting a 25 foot 3-pointer for the lead. Lebron added a free throw to the total and Cleveland had an amazing comeback title and the first championship for the city of Cleveland in 52 years.

- Premium matte print on 16"x20" stock
- Historical Play Details: posters include player movements, date, score, and relevant play details
- Perfect gift for a true fan!

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