Steelers 1972 Poster: The Immaculate Reception (16x20)


Relive one of the greatest moments in Pittsburgh Steelers football history! This premium 16x20 matte poster details this historic play:

1972 AFC Divisional Playoff
Immaculate Reception
Pittsburgh vs. Oakland
13 - 7
December 23, 1972
Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA
Oakland was up by one point with 30 seconds left in the game. Terry Bradshaw threw to John Fuqua hoping to get it in for a touchdown, but Fuqua was immediately hit and lost the ball. As the ball fell, fullback Franco Harris swooped in to grab it and run in for the game-winning touchdown. Now known as the ""Immaculate Reception,"" it's one of the most famous plays in football.

- Premium matte print on 16"x20" stock
- Historical Play Details: posters include player movements, date, score, and relevant play details
- Perfect gift for a true fan!

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